Theft of political sign

To the editor:

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States assures the citizens of the nation the rights to freedom of speech and expression. That freedom of speech includes the written word. As a citizen I have the right to express my preferences for candidates for public offices. Today, (Sept. 5) the sign that I had put in my yard to express my choice of presidential candidate, Joe Biden, was removed without my permission. The sign was placed in a location that would have required the thief to trespass on my property. Not only did the thief deny my First Amendment rights, but the thief broke the law by trespassing. If the actions of the thief represent the lack of honesty and integrity of another candidate and his supporters, we all need to take a hard, critical look, at that candidate. Others in my neighborhood have also had their “Biden” signs stolen. I doubt that any of the political signs influence passers-by to vote a particular way, but they are an expression of free speech. No matter who you are supporting in the upcoming election, please do not break the law by trespassing, and do not deny others their constitutional rights.

Cheryl Michael