Democratic hate OK?

To the editor:

You can hate a born again Christians. You can hate God. You can hate Jesus. You can hate conservatives for standing for what The Bible says. But don’t you condemn a Muslim; a homosexual or a facility that aborts babies and sometimes sells baby parts for profit which is murder; killing comes during a armed conflict. There is a difference.

It’s OK for a conservative to get beat up at California school for having a different view. It’s OK to hate Jews and Israel but don’t say any thing against gay marriage or transgender

You tell what the difference between the Democratic Socialists or Democratic Progressive Party; one of the same; who spread their brand of hate against a duly elected President and Conservatives who stand for the people of America.

This nation is a divided nation where it is OK to use your voice to say vulgar things about the President and First Lady and his family and where it’s OK for NFL players to disrepect the flag and the veterans who died so they could have the freedom to do so.

Let me be clear all Democrats are not Socialists or bad people but when you back your leaders and blindly follow them and don’t use the mind that God gave you are like lemmings; small artic animals who undertake mass migrations and ultimately drown in the sea.

Pelosi introduced a bill that in effect will tell pastors and preachers and teachers what they can and cannot preach again to pacify the gay community and Plan Parenthood and to lift up and encourage Socialism.

Pelosi and the Democratic Party seek to destroy America and our way of life through open borders (no limit) anything goes and through Socialism. They only seek darkness not light and call good evil and evil good. They want a country that everyone and every thing depends on the Government what the Government gives you they can easily take away. Is that what you want?

Can Liberals enter Heaven? If you call yourself a Christian and believe what the Bible says about gay marriage and homosexuality and abortion and that it’s OK you have no chance at all. So go ahead and spread your brand of hate and see where takes you.

James Wisecup