Reader responds to recent column

To the editor:

We are writing this letter in response to the recent “Their View” article entitled “Why are many OK with Trump’s behavior?”

In this piece, President Trump is labeled as “racist, sexist, cruel, narcissistic, and a person of criminal intent.” The narrative continues to imply that any who voted for him possess similar traits. It states that “it defies common sense to think that so many other human beings support such an individual without sharing at least some of the same attitudes and characteristics.”

We voted for President Trump. Maybe we do not have a handle on our personalities and natures, for we certainly do not identify ourselves with being racist, sexist, cruel, nor having criminal tendencies. Wait! We must be narcissistic for we are quite the handsome couple!

Jerry Turner, the writer of “Their View,” also seems to spell out what it means to be “An American.” If his definition of Americanism is that you cannot cast a ballot for your preferred candidate without being called a diatribe of names, then we are most assuredly “UNAMERICAN!”

By reading this letter, all have heard from two of the 74 million “UNAMERICANS” that supported President Trump. Mr. Turner, you now have only 73,999, 998 more to speak with before you begin branding people. At last check, you have made great use of “generalization,” a rhetoric our parents and teachers cautioned against!

Greg and Priscilla Wilt