Reader asks, ‘What Now?’

Four months after the 2020 election I remain 100% convinced that blatant fraud in major cities in swing states put Joe Biden into the Oval Office. I suspect that most Trump voters in the Shelby County area believe likewise.

Perhaps, like me, most conservative voters have gone through a period of disbelief, anger, and even depression over these events. In my case, I could not watch the news or even think about what seems to be happening to our great country. I sought diversions to retain my sanity. That is OK for awhile as a way of coping, but we cannot allow ourselves to remain stuck in neutral for much longer.

I believe that most Trump voters had mixed emotions about the President’s demeanor at times but we supported his America First, populist conservative policies and continue to believe that he had us on the right track. He is truly a rarity in politics … he did what he said he was going to do.

The question is: “What now?”.

I do believe that common sense will eventually overcome the current politically correct, cancel-culture bizarre kind of thinking that prevails in academia and various liberal/progressive bastions today. The problem, however, is that many voters now question whether the election process can be trusted. The danger is that they will see the situation as hopeless and just drop out. Of course, that will only insure that we will be enduring more of the same abuse from liberal elites going forward.

For my part, I will not drop out. The future of my family is too important to do that. My main objective right now is to do what I can to correct some of the problems in the voting system in the states where these miscarriages of justice occurred. I am directing my contributions to organizations that are taking direct actions in courts and state legislatures to root out illegal and unethical activities before the 2022 election.

Of course, it is imperative that we all thoroughly vet candidates for the offices on our individual ballots and be sure they stand squarely for the common-sense conservative principles that we believe in.

Nobody can do everything but everybody can do something. The time for shock and sadness is over. It is time for all of us to determine what we will personally do to Keep America Great.

Denny York