Vote YES on Sidney City Schools levy

To the editor:

I urge you to vote YES for the upcoming Sidney City Schools levy. My family and I came to Sidney fourteen years ago because we saw this town and its school district as vibrant middle class American places where anyone no matter race, creed, religion or gender could be successful. I still believe in Sidney and SCS today and much of that is because of the excellent educational opportunities available. Towns are absolutely judged by their schools and we need to make sure the next generation of young people in Sidney are given great schools.

The district’s leadership has left no stone unturned to look for potential financial saving. The earned income tax is the fairest way to tax people not cutting into fixed incomes and retirement pensions. If this levy passes our tax base will still be lower than that of Piqua, Troy, Greenville and Vandalia. These are comparable schools in size and demographics.

Even though my children no longer attend SCS, we have always supported their levy efforts. Please join me May 4th in voting YES in support our schools, our children, and the future of our great community!

Jeff Hobbs