Protect all life from natural conception to natural death

To the editor:

This past Sunday several people joined together in downtown Sidney around the Court Square to pray and reaffirm their commitment to use their voices to speak for our unborn children.

While participants quietly and peacefully held posters reminding passers-by that abortion kills children and hurts women, a young woman drove by repeatedly yelling the often heard phrase, my body, my choice.

No one disputes this woman’s right to make health decisions about her own body. The problem arises when her decision affects another person’s body, such as when she decides to have an abortion, saying it is her body and therefore her choice to terminate her pregnancy. In the case of abortion, she’s referring to her unborn child as her body. This statement is just not true. Simple biological science reminds us that the beginning of a new human life is at conception, when the sperm fertilizes the egg When this happens a new person begins developing… which is not the woman’s body…but a separate child, who is protected and nourished in the womb of the woman’s body. Many, who are pro abortion, refer to the developing child as mere tissue. This is not scientifically accurate nor true. The truth is when a woman has an abortion, a child dies.

In order to follow recent scientific data concerning abortion, I urge you to read an important essay written by Maureen Condic, PhD, entitled “A Scientific View of When Life Begins”. It can be found on the internet and is well presented, easily understood, and scientifically factual.

When we die and stand before our Creator, the Author of all life, which song do we want to sing? My Body, My Choice, or Life is Precious, Life is Sacred? Let us join forces to protect and defend all life from natural conception to natural death!


Jill & Jill O’Leary