Protect our unborn babies

To the editor:

“Follow the Science!” How often have we heard these words in the past two years? We’ve been encouraged to listen to the experts, to follow proper protocols, and, of course, repeatedly to get vaccinated.

As I’ve listened to the repetition of these words “Follow the Science”, I’ve been reminded of a recent commercial I’ve seen on television promoting a certain drug prescribed by doctors to regulate heart issues. Among the usual warnings about possible side effects, there is a very strong warning for pregnant women. They are urged to refrain from taking this particular drug because it may cause, in the words of the pharmaceutical company, “harm and even death to their unborn babies.” Follow the Science! If this company and its researchers and scientists are concerned about pregnant women and their unborn babies. Shouldn’t we be concerned?

If a woman decides to have an abortion, by having the surgery, she most certainly causes harm and death to her unborn baby. This is such a travesty for both mother and child.

What can we do? Pray, pray, and pray some more. Then we use our voices and make efforts to educate young women and girls about the very real dangers of having an abortion. We remind them of the true scientific facts, facts that state having an abortion kills a child.

Follow the Science!

Put an end to abortion!

Protect our unborn babies!

Jill O’Leary