Transit system is rotten

To the editor:

Something is rotten in the Shelby Transit System, because it discriminates against the elderly and disabled.

My evidence of this. I scheduled a wheelchair lift to go to an doctors appointment well ahead of time. When I called to confirm my pick up time I was told they could not keep it because they had school kids ahead of me, and I would have to reschedule my doctors appointment and set up a new pick up date and time. I have done so, hoping they will keep their commitment this time, and not fail me again.

How did we get to such a dysy’unctional system?

My hunch is that a bunch of “helicopter parents” got to local politicians to bend some rules so their kids wouldn’t have to walk to school.

On one ride on Shelby Transit in my wheelchair I witnessed elderly standing outside in the cold with their groceries waiting to be picked up. There were at least 6 school kids in the Transit van. My ride continued until all those kids were delivered to their front doors. The long delay I experienced in getting home made me late to take my seizure medication.

Its an election year and we should watch how this situation is handled. I tried to file a discrimination claim with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, but the claim has to be witnessed by a notary public. How can a person who is disabled and housebound easily get to a notary’s office?

Larry Grieshop