Rodriguez has writer’s vote

To the Editor,

The time for making your choice for Ohio House District 84 Representative is quickly approaching. It’s an important decision that you will be making so I encourage you to look at a fresh new voice who can open up possibilities for real change.

Her name is Sophia Rodriguez, an educator who is skilled in listening and problem solving. Sophia’s voice is one of calm and reason, of optimism and clarity, of diplomacy. i have known Sophia for over 30 years and have great respect for her leadership qualities and especially for her genuine interest in people, their stories and life struggles.

She will listen to your concerns and do all that she can to resolve your issues. serving in a number of organizations, Sophia has shared her tie and talents to help make improvements to benefit those in her community and now she hopes to broaden her reach. She asks for your vote and if elected, she promises to be a strong voice for our schools, law enforcement, small business ventures, and unions. Politics is hard work, and we citizens must be alert and engaged to bring changes to improve our communities. Choosing the right candidate makes the impossible become possible.

To learn more about Sophia Rodriguez, check out her website at

This is a candidate who will speak for all that will directly benefit the people of Ohio. Vote for Sophie!

Dixie Marshall

Union City