Be respectful during election, campaigns

To the Editor:

I remember a time when candidates campaigned stating their abilities, experience, and the education that prepared them for the office they were seeking. They talked about the goals they had if they should be elected. They talked about the path they would take to secure the needed support for their projects.

There was no negative talk about their opponents. There was no blaming or name calling. In fact, the speeches, commercials, and personal interactions did not focus on their opponents. I, along with many of my friends and associates would prefer a return to civil and respectful campaigns.

I also understand that the past two years have been a challenge for all of us. We have come through a pandemic with many sacrifices. Some of us have lost loved ones to this disease. There have been many hardships we had to endure.

Just as our country is coming out of this crisis; Ukraine is invaded. Some foreign countries have maneuvered to put additional stress on the fuel supply causing gas prices to soar. I hear so many people complaining that inflation is caused by political mismanagement. I find it difficult to listen to people complain about life in the United States when citizens and especially children are being killed in Ukraine.

Speaking historically, let us compare today’s crisis to World War II. During this war, citizens of the United States were asked to make many sacrifices. There was rationing of many products including gas. Our people did not complain. They bough war bonds, sent their sons to the military, saved resources in all walks of life, women went work in factories, grandmothers cared for children, and there was no widespread complaining. Our citizens were proud to be patriotic and supported our leadership. The US did not have to endure the horrors of war on our shores, they were grateful.

We have an election coming up. Let’s be respectful of our neighbors. May we educate ourselves as we choose which candidate to support. Please ignore the television commercials and learn the truth about the candidate. We must respect the law and support our constitution.

J. Kathryn Lukey