Why Angie King is the right choice

To the Editor:

I am writing to remind everyone that Nov. 8 is the opportunity for Ohio voters to choose the people who will have direct impact on our state laws and policies. If you carefully analyze the candidates for State Representative in the 84th district, the only conservative choice is my wife, Angie King!

I’ve watched Angie fight and advocate not only for our deaf children, but for all who are deaf and hard of hearing. She advocated for newborn infant hearing screening which identifies deaf children so that they can receive early intervention and access to technology for speech and language development. She also worked with the US Department of Education to update the IDEA.

When the City of Celina was given an unfunded EPA mandate to improve its water treatment facility, Angie personally went to DC in search of financial assistance from elected officials for the required improvements, netting a $750,000 federal line item to help offset these costs. This helped to bring local tax dollars back to our community.

Angie’s work ethic and tenacious drive will ensure that the voice of our district will be heard in Columbus. If you want an experienced fighter to represent our district and its conservative way of life, Vote for my wife, Angie King! She will fight to protect, preserve and advocate for our way of life and is someone who will not fold to political pressure! Vote Angie King on Nov. 8!

Mark King