Need a landslide

To the Editor:

Nov. 8 is coming on rapidly. That date is of supreme importance for the future of the United States of America. To Conservatives, this election means a chance to finally begin to turn our country away from the horrendous WOKE path that the so-called Progressives have charted in the past two years.

Polls look hopeful for a widespread wave of Conservative victories all across the nation. We can be encouraged about that prospect but cannot be complacent. It is absolutely essential that every voter cast his/her vote whether by absentee ballot or in person at the Board of Elections or at your precinct on election day.

Probably the most important race on Shelby County ballots is the U.S. Senate race. As hard as it is to imagine given his 100% voting record supporting Joe Biden, there are still people out there who think that Tim Ryan is actually a “moderate.” With Ohio already being poorly represented in the Senate by Sherrod Brown, we must elect conservative J.D. Vance to better reflect Ohio’s values in Washington D.C.

It is also very important that common sense justices be elected to the Ohio Supreme Court. When Liberals cannot win legislative seats, they like to turn to the courts to try to block legislation passed by the General Assembly. Some of those issues will revolve around election integrity, gun rights, pro-life regulations, and more. Justices Sharon Kennedy, Pat Fisher and Pat DeWine can be relied on to interpret the State Constitution as written and to render well-reasoned decisions consistent with the Ohio Revised Code. Unlike in the past, party affiliation of judicial candidates will appear on the ballot. All three mentioned above are Republicans.

The two proposed amendments to the Ohio Constitution should pretty obviously be voted “Yes.” The first requires judges to consider safety of the community when considering bail for accused lawbreakers. The second restrains all units of local government from allowing non-citizens to vote in such entities as school districts, municipalities and the like.

As with the Supreme Court, we also need a Republican governor to work in conjunction with our Legislature. Although Mike DeWine may not be extremely popular in this area, he is a far better choice than his opponent who is likely to veto any conservative legislation.

Remember this: We need a conservative landslide nationwide to assure that the Progressive agenda is not likely to return anytime soon.

Denny York