Ryan supports Medicare, Medicaid, education

To the Editor:

I am 66 years old, and I am on Medicare and receive Social Security. If you are on Medicare and Social Security, please join me and cote for the candidate that supports strong Social Security and Medicare, and that is Tim Ryan.

Vance will not support a strong Medicare and Social Security system.

My daughter is a medical doctor with advanced fellowship degrees in oncology and hematology. She cares for cancer patients every day. Most of these cancer patients are either on Medicare, Medicaid or health insurance. She as a physician supports a strong Medicare and Medicaid system and a strong health insurance system. Tim Ryan supports Medicare, Medicaid and a strong medical health insurance system. Join me in supporting Tim Ryan who supports strong Medicare, Medicaid and medical insurance. Vance does not.

My oldest daughter is a 13-year elementary school teacher in Columbus, Ohio. Tim Ryan supports strong public schools. He also supports state teacher retirement system as well as other retirement systems for union employees or other skilled workers. Tim Ryan will protect the public school system and state teachers’ retirement and union pensions and a strong 401k system. Vance will not. Tim Ryan stands for workers first. He believes in Ohio. Vance does not share the same values as Ohioans who work hard for a living share. Join me in supporting Tim Ryan our next Ohio US Senator.

Thomas W. Kerrigan