To the Editor:

In October I called the Animal Shelter to report to them that a cat had given birth to a litter of kittens behind a grill and that they had no protection from the weather. The selter was unconcerned. No one from their office came to check on them.

When it turned bitter cold I called their office again only to be told that they had no room. I brought four nursing kittens and the mama cat into my home to keep them from freezing to death. They have been inside my house for over a month and every time I call the shelter I am told, no room.

What good is an animal shelter if they don’t take in animals that are in need? And in talking with other people it seems like the shelter tells just about everyone the same thing. No room. But hey folks don”t forget to donate to them for that new dog run they want to build.

They had that big write up in the paper telling everyone if you’re going to feed a stray, be responsible. Would they rather people didn’t feed them and just let them starve to death?

Debbie Gates