Help FISH provide school supplies for less fortunate students

To The Editor:

FISH of Shelby County has always strived to be a positive force to the less fortunate citizens of Sidney and Shelby County by giving them a hand up, not a hand out. We provide food, clothing, certain prescriptions, steel toed shoes and other needed items when we have them.

We are now attempting to take on a new project — providing needed school supplies for the less fortunate students to start a new school year. I know back packs take a beating in the course of a school year but if you have one in good condition, no broken zippers or holes we would appreciate it being donated. Sometimes students have other school items left over they don’t use as they progress up through the grades, we have students that could benefit from these items. Students that start a school year on a positive note have a better chance of doing well. Remember, these students are our future leaders and we have the responsibility to help them up the ladder of success to adulthood.

FISH is fortunate to have the support of churches, organizations, and our citizens so that we may continue on our mission of helping the less fortunate. YOU ARE THE BEST!! If you have any questions about our shop and what we do, please call us at 937-492-1760.

Blessings to all,

Becky Gillman

FISH Director