LGBT discussion is a fraud

To the editor:

It is my personal opinion that the entire LGBT discussion is a fraud. It has been perpetrated on us by the liberal elites and the psychiatric industry.

In the fullness of my years, I have went to high school with, been in the military with, worked with and even lived next door to those of the above description.

There has never been an excuse to do any of them harm, or treat them badly, but we do have the right to ask them why they act the way they do.

The only conclusion I have come to is that they have a compulsive desire to draw attention to themselves. What better way to get the attention than to deny their physiological sex and claim some other. They know that society will never fully accept them, but will always fulfill their need. I don’t know if the cause of what I describe is physiological or psychological, but why haven’t we looked?

American bodies of scientists have refused to look into any problem that might have some moral element in its conclusions. Is it just about money and prestige they fear losing if they pursue the truth? Shame.

Larry Grieshop