Vote for the Sidney City Schools Permanent Improvement levy

To the editor:

We urge you to demonstrate your support for one of the most important possessions the community of Sidney has, our school age children. On August 2 you will have the opportunity show your support for the children by voting for the Sidney City Schools Permanent Improvement Levy.

One of the keys to successful teaching and learning is to have proper facilities leading to a quality learning environment. Our four children and two of their children graduated from Sidney City Schools. They all received a quality education that has allowed them to become productive and responsible citizens.

We do have quality facilities and our school adminsitrators have been very good stewards of the physical plant and equipment. The buildings are in good condition and reasonably modern and functional despite being 50 to 60 years old, but it does take money every year to keep them that way. Building roofs, boilers, windows, plumbing, and busses do breakdown and they don’t repair themselves. New textbooks have to be purchased and computers and buses must be replaced.

The last Permanent Improvement levy was allowed to expire in 2009. Since 2009 the School Board has been able to fund PI expenses through the general fund but that will not be possible for the next few years: the anticipated needs are too great.

We have been supporters of Sidney City Schools for many, many years. We strongly urge you to vote for the Sidney City Schools Permanent Improvement levy. Details about the levy can be found at

Tom and Polly Watkins