Please carefully choose candidates

To the editor:

Our presidential campaign has made some people wonder, “Why vote?” Neither candidate may stir in us enthusiasm for their term of office. The reality is that Nov. 8 one of them will become President of the United States.

Despite promises that a candidate will do something, we have to remember that our government is not a dictatorship. One individual cannot rule independent of our other elected officials.

I urge everyone to carefully choose those running for office in all the other capacities that comprise a democracy. Their viewpoints and attitudes are just as important. Select those who will put the people and our country first, not those who will buckle under the influence of outside interests.

Please remember that it is our privilege, right and duty to vote. I ask you to carefully consider each mark that you make on your ballot. And you know, it couldn’t hurt to whisper, “God help me make the right decision,” as you enter the voting booth.

Jayne Terry