Please help return stolen memory cards

To the editor:

My purse was stolen out of my vehicle on Jan. 5, 2017, in downtown Sidney. I believe it was stolen downtown when I was parked in front of Ron and Nita’s. It was a pink (Walmart) purse, and inside I had a green wallet that had a blank check in it. Someone tried to cash the check Friday, Jan. 6, 2017. Also, in the wallet was my son’s boot camp picture, and a Lowe’s and Sears card. Also I had a long, black SoHo make-up bag, but I carried pens, lotion, gum, aspirin and mints — like a carry all. I had a green Survival Strap key chain with my son’s Army picture on it. A small, black case with camera chips in it, and some money and a checkbook. I do not care who took it; all I am asking for is my camera chips and my key chain back. Those are my personal items. Anyone with information please call or drop-off the items to the Sidney Police Department.

Tammi Miller