State Route 47 Improvement Project is a bad idea

To the editor:

On April 16, I didn’t get to attend the meeting of the “Corridor Improvement;” for that I was not able to give my “opinion” on the matter. I read it in the paper on the standing room only and how the individual from the former ODOT employee was not allowed to finish his statement on the matter at hand. I thought that was very rude of the city to stop him when the rest of the body wanted to hear what he had to say. I too think it’s the most stupidest idea that the city came up with to redo the corridor on 47. It’s bad enough with traffic the way it is, you have the semi traffic from industries trying to get through and what about the farmer’s and their equipment. All you are doing is causing more problems. How many bicycles have you seen on on this route ? If you have that kind of money to spend then get the kids off the street with the skate boards; give them some place to go. — For you know that is a problem with in the city. There are plenty of places you can do this if you would just look. Also, I think it should be up to the voters in this town to decide to have this project done or not. If not then, I guess when it comes election time, you won’t be in those seat.

John Burnside