Support Feight for Washington Township Trustee

To the editor:

This letter is in regard to the Washington Township election. I’ve seen signs to re-elect Mr. Ted Larger. I don’t recall him being on the ballot at the last election. Was he appointed when Mr. Huffman passed away??

My vote is for Rick Feight. I feel he will do his best to help the people in our township. Rick will be fair and honest with any problems or situations that would arise.

Rick has taken care of Beachwood Cemetery in Lockington for the past eight years and has done a wonderful job. Rick helps his neighbors in the winter by plowing their driveways since most of us are older and can’t shovel them out. When I was getting chemotherapy, Rick came and mowed for me and my daughter. He wasn’t asked; he just came and did it.

Please take time to vote. Vote Right, Vote Feight.


Carol Schulz