Thoughts on the current political, social climate

To the editor:

*sn’t *t *nt*r*st*ng tha*t 1-p*rc*nt*rs s*dd*nly c*n’t t*al w*th**t *****? When they have nothing intelligent to say, they use *****.

Why? Because they’re afraid of losing their money power, prestige and adoration that we, the 99-percenters are supposed to heap on them — they’re “entitled.”

They’re afraid because we elected a president they can’t control — in spite of everything they did and everything they told us to do. Gasp! That’s not P.C. — How could we not?

Who are the 1-percenters? Life-time politicians more interested in personal power than our country. Party — Democrat or Republican — doesn’t matter, it’s all swamp. All scared, all worthless and accomplishing nothing.

The NFL chose to allow/encourage disrespect for our country. Now they’re crying because their (our-we paid for them!) stadiums look like baseball stands. They earned them.

When was the last time you were actually entertained by Hollywood’s guns (gun control but not for them), violence, sex, drugs and remakes? The self-proclaimed A-listers do cameo appearances in movies that cost a hundred million trying to make them look good for an hour and a half on screen — while the stunt men and women and body doubles do all the heavy lifting — fake.

“Mainstream” print and TV media (MSM) are afraid they will be knocked off their pedestals if we, the 99-percenters learn the truth. But MSM has the facts — “reliable” polls. Where are the polls conducted? Midwest? No, too conservative. The South? No, too religious. Mountain states? Nah, they just don’t count, huh?

The “tech Gods, the super-ultra-1-percenters want to tell the world what we should think, how we should vote (any way that benefits them). Where to spend our dollars. Censorship. Propaganda and lies by omission and commission.

The 1-p*rc*nt*rs *r* l*s*ng c*ontr*l of our votes, our money, our time and our minds. They’re afraid. They should be. We’re starting to think.

Ken Pipke

Jackson Center