Sheltie forever remembered


To the editor:

McCartyville: To the person(s) responsible 32 years ago who chose to go into my very shy, timid, sable-colored Sheltie’s pen and murder her:

I hope you pay for the vicious beating you put up on her. You literally cornered her in her pen and killed her. She has never been forgotten and my kids grew up and didn’t get to enjoy her. She never left our yard.

There was an autopsy done. So if you think we didn’t know the horrific pain and suffering you inflicted, then you are more pathetic than I thought. I’m sure she was just an animal to you. My regret was taking the padlock off two weeks prior, thinking she was safe. The vet’s determination of how she died: beaten. She had internal bleeding, bruises all over her body, etc.

You are the true ‘animal.’ God was watching.

Kim Schweitzer