Oaks Ladies meet Wednesday


Staff report

SIDNEY — The Shelby Oaks Ladies League met again on Wednesday at the local course, with 23 players playing “low gross-throw out two highest holes.”

Flight winners included Karen Dickman, Joyce Wick, Faye Spangler and Linda DeVelvis.

Following are the results

First flight — 1. Karen Dickman 30, 2. Joyce Jones 34, 3, Judy Bemus 38, 4. LuAnn Fultz 39.

Second flight — 1. Joyce Wick 30, 2. (tie) Rita Brinkman, Nancy Walter 36, 4. Marica Shaffer 37.

Third flight — 1. Faye Spangler, 2. (tie) Ginny Lauber, Trish Hoying, Lea Muhlenkamp 39.

Fourth flight — 1. Linda DeVelvis 40, 2. Pat Billing 41, 3. (tie) Mary Lou Berning, Joyce Goubeaux 43.


Senior Swingers

The Senior Swingers retired men’s golf league met at Shelby Oaks this week, with the game of the day being “pink panther with low net.”

Following are the results:

South — Don Sherman, Bill Monnier, Ken Castor, Larry Billing.

North — Ed Christopher, Don Long, Lynn Melick.

West — Dick Lenz, Charlie Ryan, Jim Burkhart, Mike Bennett,