Shultz records 2nd 300 game


Staff report

Shawn Shultz rolled the second 300 game of his career, subbing in the National Industrial League Wednesday night.

It was his first time subbing in the league this season, and he had games of 300, 276 and 191 for a 767 series, which is a career-high for him.

He started out with nine strikes in his second game, so at one point he had 21 strikes in a row.

He is averaging 191 in his regular league on Monday nights.

Also, last week was a big one for one of the area’s best bowlers, Wayne Doyle.

He bowls regular on three straight nights, and starting with the Monday Minor League, he rolled games of 298, 197 and 246 for a 741 series. Then in the Tuesday Majors, he had games of 258, 290 and 245 for a 793 series. He capped the week off with games of 289, 275 and 225 on Wednesday night for a 789 series.

He has a high average of 229.