Weekend roundup: Houston boys cross country first at Friendship Invitational

Versailles’ Joe Spitzer won the race individually, while the Tigers’ girls team finished second.

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Versailles’ Joe Spitzer

Versailles’ Joe Spitzer

Editor’s Note: More weekend sports results will be included in Wednesday’s edition of the Sidney Daily News.

CEDARVILLE — The Houston boys cross country team finished first out of 31 teams in the Friendship Invitational Division II-III race on Saturday at Cedarville University.

Houston finished with 112 points, while Rock Hill was second with 117.

Ethan Knouff was Houston’s top finisher at No. 9 with a time of 17:31. Tristin Freistuhler was No. 13 with 17:45, Blake Jacobs was No. 25 with 18:12, Parker Cox was No. 27 with 18:19, Dakota Francis was No. 39 with 18:37, Jacob Slater was No. 43 with 18:44 and and Patrick Meiring was No. 62 with 19:05.

Versailles finished sixth. The Tigers were led by Joe Spitzer, who won the race of 380 runners with 16:10, 22 seconds ahead of the second-place runner. Brooks Blakeley was No. 29 with 18:23, Stuart Baltes was No. 49 with 18:49.7, Xavier Grillot was No. 59 with 19:02, Noah Barga was No. 63 with 19:07, Matt Cromwell was No. 71 with 19:14 and Ryan Subler was No. 74 with 19:17.

Botkins finished seventh. Austin Fullenkamp led the Trojans at No. 12 with 17:39. Alan Fullenkamp was No. 26 with 18:17, Donovan Brown was No. 46 with 18:46, RJ Poeppleman was No. 48 with 18:48, Elliot Goubeaux was No. 113 with 19:50, Ethan Aufderhaar was No. 143 with 20:22 and Brock Rogers was No. 148 with 20:26.

Russia finished 12th. Gavin George was the Raiders’ top racer at No. 34 with 18:29. Andrew DeLoye was No. 50 with 18:50, Zachary Bell was No. 55 with 18:59, Jonathan Bell was No. 142 with 20:21.8, Nicholas Caldwell was No. 149 with 20:26, Ajay Seger was No. 176 with 21:01 and Henry Tumbush was No. 212 with 21:38.

Anna finished 18th. Jacob Robinson was the Rockets’ fastest racer at No. 30 with 18:25. Patrick Toller was No. 87 with 19:28, Caleb Gaier was No. 95 with 19:38, Preston Shannon was No. 123 with 20:05, Cameron Bowersock was No. 126 with 20:07, Jacob Osborne was No. 128 with 20:08.2 and Blake Ike was No. 147 with 20:25.

Sidney’s boys finished 17th out of 25 teams in the Division I race, which had 678 runners. Ian Bonifas led the Yellow Jackets’ runners at No. 52 with 17:51. Gavin Bockrath was No. 65 with 18:07, Aidan Tangeman was No. 137 with 18:50, Spencer Karn was No. 320 with 20:30, Patrick McClain was No. 359 with 20:52, Noah Townsend was No. 422 with 21:34 and Ben Spangler was No. 502 with 22:25.

Versailles girls second at Friendship Invite

The Versailles girls team finished second out of 31 teams in the Div. II-III race on Saturday at Cedarville. Alter won with 103, and the Tigers were next with 127.

Versailles was led by Megan Rismiller, who was No. 9 with 20:48. Kara Spitzer was No. 17 with 21:20, Kenia McEldowney was No. 23 with 21:42, Maria Mangen was No. 37 with 22:28, Liz Watren was No. 47 with 22:49, Emma Peters was No. 48 with 22:53 and Dana Rose was No. 50 with 22:54.

Russia finished fourth. Becca Seger led Russia at No. 4 with 20:11. Megan Frazier was No. 16 at 21:12, Claire Meyer was No. 19 at 21:28, Anna Fiessinger was No. 55 with 23:03, Clare Caldwell was No. 79 with 23:43, Emma Delaet was No. 82 with 23:45 and Katelyn Monnin was No. 83 with 23:50.

Botkins finished fifth. Emma Koenig was the Trojans’ top racer at No. 25 with 21:47. Adriana Jutte was No. 27 with 21:59, Brooklyn Flora was No. 54 with 23:02, Jill Greve was No. 60 with 23:11, Kelsie Burmeister was No. 65 with 23:22, Makenna Maurer was No. 76 with 23:39 and Arica Jutte was No. 91 with 24:03.

Houston finished 14th. Hollie Voisard was Houston’s top runner at No. 7 with 20:40. Morgan Ely was No. 29 with 22:04, Danielle Stephenson was No. 105 with 24:20, Addie White was No. 114 with 24:30, Andrea Mantor was No. 206 with 28:13, Kiersyn Oberdorff was No. 234 with 29:22 and April Stammen was No. 258 with 30:45.

Anna was 22nd. Makenzie Cole was the Rockets’ fastest runner at No. 66 with 23:35. Addison Brewer was No. 112 with 24:30. Gracen Rogers was No. 128 with 25:00, Ashleigh Jurosic was No. 135 with 25:12, Susan Jones was No. 174 with 26:35, Jada Rowland was No. 219 with 28:41 and Lily Toller was No. 272 with 31:24.

Jackson Center boys third at Graham Invitational

Jackson Center’s boys cross country team finished third out of nine teams at the Graham Invitational on Saturday.

Christopher Elchert was the Tigers’ fastest runner in the boys race, which had 94 runners. Elchert was No. 5 with 18:27. Parker Morris was No. 7 with 18:38, Aiden Reichert was No. 15 with 19:07, Jeremy Burch was No. 29 with 20:09, Grant Lowry was No. 36 with 20:42, Elisha Burch was No. 46 with 21:26 and Andrew Lampy was No. 58 with 22:28.

Fairlawn had runners compete individually in the boys race. Allan Asher was the school’s fastest runner at No. 54 with 22:06.

Jackson Center and Fairlawn had girls compete individually in the girls race. Deanna Lowry was the Tigers’ fastest runner at No. 23 with 25:13, while Fairlawn’s Madison Huelskamp was No. 34 with 27:11.

Girls Soccer

Lehman Catholic 0, Miami East 0

Lehman outshot Miami East 18-2 but couldn’t score. The Cavaliers are 7-1-1 after Saturday’s match.

“It’s always tough when you dominate a game and don’t come away with the result,” Lehman coach Jeremy Lorenzo said. “There were plenty of opportunities, but we just didn’t get the job done. We knew that Miami East was going to give us their best and that is exactly what they did. I have to give them credit, they played us very hard and their goal keeper had a great day.

“I said in the beginning that it was going to be a great season but there would be bumps along the way. Well, this was one of those bumps. The good news is that we still control our destiny. We have big games coming up and we will have to earn it on the field.”

Miami East goalkeeper Kelly Buck had with 14 saves. Emily Adkins and Cerstin Gross each added a non-goalie save.

Lehman will host Newton Tuesday.

Anna 18, Lincolnview 0

The Rockets scored early and often to improve to 8-0 overall.

Rylie Edwards and Taylor Noll each scored three goals for Anna. Kelsie McKinney, Adrienne Endsley and Sarah Ham scored two goals apiece while Emily Albers, Abby Gaydosh, Marissa VanGorden, Breonna Tribbett, Taylor Kauffmann and Courtney Dulebohn had one goal each.

Edwards, Noll and Kauffmann had two assists each. Adriana Ashford, Ella Doseck, Kyplyn Rowland, Brielle Collier and Ashlynn McCarty had one assist each.

Collier had one save, and Savannah Hostetler had the shutout.

The Rockets play next on Tuesday against Miami East.

Versailles’ Joe Spitzer
https://www.sidneydailynews.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/47/2017/09/web1_Joe-Spitzer-PRINT.jpgVersailles’ Joe Spitzer
Versailles’ Joe Spitzer won the race individually, while the Tigers’ girls team finished second.

Staff report