Sheriff’s Office investigating threats

Staff report

SIDNEY — The Shelby County Sheriff’s Officem in conjunction with the FBI is currently investigating incidents where are children are getting threatened with sending pictures from their phones.

The person, accoring to the Sheriff’s Office Facebook account, is telling the kids that if they don’t send a certain amount of money to them they will send nude photos taken from their phones to other people.

This type of behavior is wide spread and is effecting kids from Houston, Russia, Fairlawn, Lehman, Anna, Holy Angels and Sidney. The unknown person is using several personas in Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, a couple of the names are Susu and Page Herer.

“We have had several kids who the person has taken over their Snapchat and is posting as that person,” said Chief Deputy Jim Frye, who signed the Facebook posting. “We believe they are accessing the photos on the targets phone and are obtaining the list of contacts or user names in their friends list and then contacting those people or sending photos.”

Anyone who has been contacted by someone like the Sheriff’s Office has described or you have received any threatening messages from an unknown source do not respond and call Detective Chris Brown at the Sheriff’s Office, 937-494-2105.

Staff report