SHS Class of 2015 honored for academic accomplishments


SIDNEY — Sidney High School honored its students for academic accomplishments and scholarships for college during its 144th commencement ceremony May 30, at the Sidney Memorial Stadium and during Senior Awards Night on May 19.

The top 10 members of the Class of 2014 include: Jared Tangeman (4.392 GPA), Alex Willman (4.347 GPA), Alexis Hall (4.280 GPA), Ryan Stallings (4.274 GPA), Lauren Boyd (4.244 GPA), Chloe Heins (4.242 GPA), Elijah Graham (4.237 GPA), Keiyu Sakurai (4.190 GPA), Emily McCroskey (4.153 GPA), Dean Fannon (4.085 GPA), and Brittany Hayslett (4.085 GPA).

Fifty-seven students from the SHS Class of 2015, to date, have been awarded a one-year total of $390,705, with a potential four-year total of $1,166,196.

Earning Honors Diplomas were: Eric Beigel, Nathan Bemus, Lauren Boyd, Kara Burns, Logan Calvert, Nick Climer, Robin Dailey, Connor Echols, Allison Fair, Dean Fannon, Elizabeth Ford, Patrick Ford, Kieran Freistuhler, Emily Fulk, Elijah Graham, Alexis Hall, Brittany Hayslett, Chloe Heins, Tiara Hicks, Nawal Hijazi, Alex Hix, Mackenzie (Maci) Homan, Andrew Jensen, Peyton Jones, McKayla Kellerman, Rheanna Kies, Derek Larger, Jack Martin, Victoria Martin, Melinda McBride, Samantha Newman, Jordan Perkins, Keiyu Sakurai, Lauren Spaugy, Ryan Stallings, Ian Stephens, Jared Tangeman, Reign Vanvoorhis, Brianna Wells-Barnes, Alex Willman, and Tyler Wismar. These students must have completed at least seven of the eight following requirements: cumulative 3.5 GPA or higher, four English credits, four math credits (including Algebra I, II, and Geometry), four science credits (including Chemistry and Physics), four social studies credits, three credits of the same foreign language or two credits of different foreign languages, one fine arts credit, and a score of 27 on the ATC or 1220 on the SAT.

Earning Academic High Honors were: Katelynn Edwards, Adam Gates, Kotaro Gunji, John “Jack” Harmon, Emily McCroskey, Destiny Middlemiss, Riley Pollard, Elise Wiesenmayer, Layne Weymer. These students earned a cumulative 3.5 GPA or higher after seven semesters.

Senior Awards Night

Sidney High School held their Senior Awards night on May 19, at which the following awards and scholarship were presented in addition to the Honors Cords presented to those students earning Honors Diplomas and Academic High Honors.

The following seniors earned the President’s Award for Education Excellence by having a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, ACT or SAT scores in the 85th percentile or higher, College Preparatory Curriculum or the equivalent, outstanding attendance, and being involved in extra-curricular activities: Eric Beigel, Nathan Bemus, Lauren Boyd, Kara Burns, Logan Calvert, Nick Climer, Robin Dailey, Connor Echols, Allison Fair, Dean Fannon, Elizabeth Ford, Patrick Ford, Kieran Freistuhler, Emily Fulk, Adam Gates, Elijah Graham, Alexis Hall, John “Jack” Harmon, Brittany Hayslett, Chloe Heins, Tiara Hicks, Nawal Hijazi, Alex Hix, Mackenzie (Maci) Homan, Andrew Jensen, Peyton Jones, Rheanna Kies, Derek Larger, Jack Martin, Victoria Martin, Melinda McBride, Emily McCroskey, Samantha Newman, Jordan Perkins, Riley Pollard, Keiyu Sakurai, Lauren Spaugy, Ryan Stallings, Ian Stephens, Jared Tangeman, Reign Vanvoorhis, Brianna Wells-Barnes, Layne Weymer, Elise Wiesenmayer, Alex Willman and Tyler Wismar.

The following students earned the President’s Award for Outstanding Educational Achievement; these students are those with excellent school records who do not meet each of the criterion listed for the award of Excellence, but have shown an outstanding commitment to learning and improving in academics: Jesse Bennett, Mikayla Bockroth, Devin Cahill, Meaghan Cain, Noah Calhoun, Mackenzie Clayton, Katelynn Edwards, Kotaro Gunji, Devin Hensley, Brandi Johnson, Paige Keller, Megan Lewis, Jessica Ludwig, Destiny Middlemiss, Carlie Mosely, Oda Okkenhang, Noah Richards and Ed Sanchez.

The following students received a red cord for donating blood at least three times during their high school career and are recognized as a life-saving blood donor: Alec Batton, Mariah Bowser, Logan Calvert, Tristan Carey, Nicholas Climer, Connor Echols, Katelynn Edwards, Allison Fair, Kieran Freistuhler, Adam Gates, Tyler Gibson, Garrick Ginter, Elijah Graham, Alexis Hall, Kenlee Harrod, Brittany Hayslett, Chloe Heins, Stephen Hendershot, Tiara Hicks, Nawal Hijazi, Katherine Hinkle, Alexander Hix, Andrew Jensen, Mackenzie Johns, Peyton Jones, Paige Keller, McKayla Kellerman, Rheanna Kies, Jack Martin, Victoria Martin, Melinda McBride, Steven McClain, Alex McClain, Carylie Mosley, Matthew Ostendorf, Celine Rice, Noah Richards, Logan Schutte, Jeremiah Slagle, Spencer Soder, Ryan Stallings, Marissa Stephenson, Whitney Vanderhorst, Brianna Wells-Barnes, Alex Willman and Tyler Wismar.

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. The following students received a DECA honors cord: Eric Barnes, Jordan Bell, Kara Burns, Andrea Chrystall, Phillip Franklin, Carrick Ginter, Taylor Godwin, Brandi Johnson, Viral Patel, Sarin Santos, Gupreet Singh, Jeremiah Slagel, Brian Taborn and Dezmond Upkins.

Seniors earning perfect attendance for the 2014-2015 school year were Kieran Freistuhler, Stephen Hendershot, and Robin Slife.

Jared Tangeman and Alex Willman were named the Fox 45/ABC 22 Best of Class.

Dean Fannon earned the Honda of America, Mfg./OSU Math Medal Award.

Jared Tangeman earned the Franklin B. Walter Leadership Award for Shelby County.

Connor Echols and Mackenzie Homan earned the Archie Giffin Sportsmanship Award.

Nick Climer earned the OHSAA Courageous Student Athlete Award.

Garrick Ginter earned the Marine Distinguished Athlete Award.

Jared Tangeman and Lauren Boyd earned the OHSAA Scholar Athlete Award.

Alex Willman and Megan Lewis earned the OHSAA/NFHS Award of Excellence for exemplary display of sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity.

The following students were named members of the GWOC All-Conference Academic Team; these students were the top ten male and female senior athletes who earned varsity recognition during the current school year, none earning less than a GPA of 3.5: Connor Echols, Dean Fannon, Elijah Graham, Alex Hix, Derek Larger, Keiyu Sakurai, Ian Stephens, Jared Tangeman, Reign Vanvoorhis, Alex Willman, Lauren Boyd, Kara Burns, Kieran Freistuhler, Alexis Hall, Mackenzie (Maci) Homan, Peyton Jones, Melinda McBride, Oda Okkenhaug, Lauren Spaugy, Brianna Wells-Barnes.

The following students earned the GWOC Scholar Athlete Award for earning a GPA of 3.2 or higher for six semesters:

Football: Eric Beigel, Noah Calhoun, Derek Larger

Boys Soccer: Frank Gonzales, Jordan Perkins

Girls Soccer: Lauren Boyd, Kara Burns, Maria Henriques, Mackenzie (Maci) Homan, Megan Lewis, Victoria Martin, Oka Okkenhaug, Lauren Spaugy

Girls Tennis: Alexis Hall, Madison Kinslow, Melina McBride

Cross Country: Dean Fannon, Keiyu Sakurai, Jared Tangeman, Reign Vanvoorhis

Volleyball: Paige Keller, Brianna Wells-Barnes

Cheerleaders: Peyton Jones

Boys Tennis: Elijah Graham, Stephen Hendershot, Noah Richards

Baseball: Logan Calvert, Nick Climer, Connor Echols

Girls Basketball: Mackenzie (Maci) Homan, Brianna Wells-Barnes

Softball: Mackenzie (Maci) Homan, Paige Keller, Brianna Wells-Barnes

Swimming: Kieran Freistuhler, Melanie Morger, Oda Okkenhaug, Ian Stephens, Jared Tangeman

Bowling: Alex Hix

Boys Basketball: Eric Beigel, Connor Echols, Derek Larger

Wrestling: Logan Calvert, Ed Sanchez, Alex Willman

Boys Track: Eric Beigel, Dean Fannon, Nathan Hess, Jared Tangeman

Girls Track: Lauren Boyd, Brandi Johnson, Megan Lewis, Melanie Morger

Scholarships presented on Senior Awards Night included:

National Guard 100 percent Scholarship Award: Jeremiah Slagle

Semper Fidelis Award (Marines): Kole Spurgeon and Meaghan Cain

Scholastic Excellence Award (Marines): Jared Tangeman and Chole Heins

Distinguished Athlete Award (Marines): Garrick Ginter and Lauren Spaugy

Air Force Math Award: Alexis Hall

Air Force Science Award: Jared Tangeman

Music Department Awards and Scholarships

John Philip Sousa Award: Adam Gates

National School Orchestra Award: Elijah Graham

Orchestra Director’s Award: Rheanna Kies

Most Dedicated Orchestra Member: Emily McCroskey

Music Booster Scholarship – $2,500: Adam Gates

Music Booster Scholarship – $2,500: Emily Fulk

Music Booster Scholarship – $1,500: Lauren Boyd

Music Booster Scholarship – $1,000: Jack Martin

Alma Allinger Family Scholarship – $1,000: Mackenzie (Maci) Homan

Heyln Hobby Spinner Scholarship – $750: Alex Hix

Music Booster Scholarship – $750: Rheanna Kies

Pete Galanic Memorial Scholarship – $500: Karoly Timmons

Sidney 200 Club Scholarships – $500 each: Conor Echols, Mackenzie (Maci) Homan, Lauren Spaugy

Sidney 200 Club Scholarship (Janet Aschenbach) – $500: Nicholas Climer

Bowman Football Academic Scholarship – $1,000 each: Derek Larger and Anthony Yates

Sidney Kiwanis Scholarship – Peter’s – $2,500: Alex Willman

Sidney Kiwanis Scholarship – $1,000: Rheanna Kies

Sidney Kiwanis Scholarship – $1,000: Mackenzie Homan

Sell, Hagemann, and Zimmerman – $1,000: Brittany Hayslett

Minster Bank – $1,000: Reign Vanvoorhis

Setex Engineering Scholarship – $3,000 (x2): Ryan Stallings

SHS Alumni Scholarship – $500: Noah Calhoun

Doug Stewart Leadership Award – $500: Nathan Bemus

American Legion Post 217 Scholarship – $750 each: Jared Tangeman, Andrew Jensen, and Mariah Bowser-Jones

Sons of the American Legion – $500: Andrew Jensen

Jim Lantz Memorial Scholarship – $1,000: Alex Willman

Lee E. Schauer Scholarship – $3,000 (x4): Alex McLain

Sidney Rotary Club – $1,000: Alex Willman

Sidney City Schools Board of Education – $1,000 each: Allison Fair and Brandi Johnson

Ray A. Kroc Award – $100: Brandi Johnson

SEA Scholarship – $500: Kieran Freistuhler

SHS Office Staff Scholarship – $175 each: Connor Echols and Tristan Moore

William A/ Ross, Jr. Family Scholarship – $500 each: Allison Fair and Rheanna Kies

James P. Humphrey (SC Black Achievers) – $1,000 each: Mariah Bowser-Jones and Brianna Wells-Barnes

Sidney Shelby County Black Achievers – $750: Brandi Johnson

Sidney Shelby County Black Achievers – $500 each: McKal Basil, Allynah Franklin, Brian Taborn, and Chaela Williams

SHS Student Government Scholarship – $500: Chloe Heins

SHS Student Government Scholarship – $250 each: Connor Echols and Logan Calvert

Ruese Insurance Scholarship – $1,000: Alexis Hall

Scott Barker Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 each: Brittany Hayslett and Jared Tangeman

IUTIS Scholarship – $500: Alex Hix

Thomas E. Given Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 (x4): Choe Heins

Kauffman Family Foundation – $1,500 each: Ryan Stallings and Rheanna Kies

Betty Zorn Bennett Scholarship – Valedictorian – $2,000: Jared Tangeman

Betty Zorn Bennett Scholarship – Salutatorian – $2,000: Alex Willman

Lola Detrick Carmony – $500: Jared Tangeman

Donald E. & M. Jane Kemp Scholarship – $2,000 (x4): Noah Calhoun

Elaine Laughlin – $1,000 each: Chloe Heins and Victoria Martin

Herbert & Antoinette Schlater for Area Energy & Electric – $2,500: Alex Willman

William & Patsy Zorn Veterans Scholarship – $1,000: Alex Willman

Baumfolder Corporation Scholarship – $500 each: Whitney Vanderhorst and Samantha Newman

Sidney Moose Scholarship – $500 (x4): Allison Fair

Faulkner, Garmhausen, Keister & Shenk – $1,000: Alexis Hall

In addition to the specific scholarships listed above, a number of students have also received academic, music, and athletic scholarships and grants from their perspective universities. To date, the Sidney High School Class of 2015 has been awarded a one-year total of $390,705.00, with the potential renewal of $1,166,196.00.

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