Pastors plan solemn assembly


SIDNEY — Seven local pastors have joined to lead what they’re calling a solemn assembly on the courtsquare, Sunday, June 14 at 3 p.m.

Ben Hunt, of Fish Net House Church; Willie McGhee, of Mount Zion Holy Union Church; Ray Barnett, of House of Blessed Hope Assembly; Dr. John Geissler, of the Joseph Connection and Agape Distribution; Harold McKnight, retired from the Christian Tabernacle; Rodney Reynolds, of the Solid Rock Pentecostal Church; and Steve Chapman, former pastor of Sidney Wesleyan Church will speak during the event.

“It’s not a rally and it’s not a protest,” said organizer John Moeller, of Agape Distribution, which will sponsor the event. “As we all know, we are living in desperate and perilous times. We all have tried man’s way and it has failed us miserably. (The pastors) will use the seven mountains of influence in conjunction with II Chronicles 7:14 to make a plea before the supreme judge of the universe, our heavenly Father. We … need … our land to be healed. All are welcome to come.”

Solemn assemblies have been scheduled across the country for this weekend, including one in Washington, D.C., planned to take place on the steps of the Supreme Court building Sunday.

“We’re concerned about the marriage decision the Supreme Court is considering,” said Dave “Coach” Daubenmire, of London, Ohio, who has organized the Salt and Light Brigade. The assemblies are an activity of the brigade.

“I try to put teams together,” he said by phone Tuesday. “The Salt and Light Brigade is a coalition of believers.” Daubenmire sees America’s Christian churches as individual football players, “calling our own plays, playing our own game,” he said. “My football training teaches me that’s a great way to lose. Everywhere you look, Christian values are losing because we’re not organized. The Bible says we are one body with many members. Solemn assemblies are an attempt to bring organizations together.”

The same-sex marriage issue is a spritual, rather than political, one, according to Daubenmire.

“The more we get politicians involved, the more divided we become,” he said. “We have people on the same street who have the same values and vote different ways. (Christians) haven’t put up a unified front. God’s team — churches — aren’t even working together. We may be working individually.

“This is an attempt to bring Christians together for the same spiritual purpose. There are thousands all across America participating in this. We’re not taking signs. We’re not protesting. We’re going to pray,” he added.

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