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100 years

June 15, 1915

Elimination of the dam at Port Jefferson as a part of the Miami Conservancy has been proposed in a report by E.A. Deeds to the flood prevention committee at Dayton. The report points out that the elimination of the dam would result in a saving of over half a million dollars without changing the efficiency of the system. What would be lost in this small reservoir would be more than compensated for by the increased efficiency of the other six, the report went on to emphasize.


Dr. M.F. Hussey and family leave tomorrow for Athens, O., to attend the commencement at Ohio university. Cyril C. Hussey is one of the graduates in the scientific course.

75 years

June 15, 1940

The initial meeting of the Swingette Accordian club was held last evening at the home of Miss Marcella Crown. The meeting was highlighted by the election of officers, with Miss Mary Catherine Willkins being named president; Miss Helen Schurr, vice president; miss Lillian Faler, secretary-treasurer, and Miss Crown as reporter.


Urging the establishment of a committee to mobilize public opinion and coordinate with the Federal government in the defense of the country, William Trimpe, Sidney attorney, was the guest speaker at the weekly luncheon meeting at the Sidney Kiwanis club yesterday noon. Mr. Trimpe devoted much of his comments to the dangers inherent in “fifth column” activities so apparent in Europe today.

50 years

June 15, 1965

Richard H. Dormire, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dormire, received his doctor of dental degree from Ohio State University during the annual commencement exercises on Friday. A graduate of Sidney High School in the class of 1956, he received his A.B. degree also from Ohio State University.


After more than eight years, it finally happened. The price of haircuts in most Sidney barbershops has gone up. Effective Monday, it became $1.75 instead of the familiar $1.50. Those barbers who joined in the agreement for the belated price. Increases pointed to the mounting costs of other items including their own supplies and overhead. They cited, also, figures from other cities of comparable and larger size which show patrons have been paying $1.75 or more for haircuts for several years.

25 years

June 15, 1990

In response to the recent ruling by the Supreme Court to legalize the burning of the American flag local residents expressed their opinions on this controversial ruling. Frank Raterman commented: “ I don’t agree with the ruling. The American flag stands for too much. It’s wrong to burn the flag. People can voice their opinion by voting, talking to their legislators and writing letters.” Ronald Hellers stated: “ I agree with the Supreme Court protecting our First Amendment rights. I don’t agree with burning the flag but we don’t need a constitutional amendment. The kind of person who would burn the flag is not a good American.” Tony Barhorst stated: “It’s stupid to allow people to burn the flag. People died in Vietnam and other wars defending this country, defending our freedoms.”

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