Reader chastises coaches, umps


To the editor,

I am appalled at the behavior of the adults that are overseeing the Iutis softball fields (coaches, umpires and commissioners). I am a grandmother who goes down there to see my grandson having fun during his summer vacation from school. But these adults are down on these fields acting worse than children. They are arguing about the umpires’ calls in very unprofressional manners in front of the children. You have the umpires favoring teams because they are coaches as well as umpires. So they are making unfair calls that are plain as day, or they are revising a call because a coach will complain a little. Then this will start a big argument and this will take place right in front of the children. Then the coaches, after a call is made, will make a very unsportsmanlike gesture to the other coach, all out loud so that everyone can see — yes, including the children.

I am writing this letter so that these grown men can read this in the paper and know that they are the problem. They are supposed to be teaching these young boys how to grow up and be young gentlemen, and they are doing a horrible job at this and it needs to stop ASAP.

I am dedicating this to all little children of Sidney, Ohio.

Chrissonda M. Evans


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