City record


Police log


-9:20 p.m.: domestic violence. William Powers, 18, 106 N. Pomeroy Ave. was arrested for domestic violence and William Hughs, 47, same address, was arrested for assault. Esta Stammen, 21, 1577 E. Court St., was reported to have an apparent minor injury, unconsciousness, bruises and black eyes.

-5:17 p.m.: vehicle trespass. Shelby Sheaks, 78, 115 W. Clay St., reported someone had entered her vehicle overnight.

-4 p.m.: theft. Richard Cantrell, 27, was arrested for taking a jar of money from BK Rootbeer.

-11:34 a.m.: theft. Robin Saults, 49, Clay Street, reported someone had entered her sons car at 114 E. Clay St., and took her purse. Her purse was found in the Kroger’s parking lot and turned in. A prescription of vicoden, xanax, zoloft, xanoflex, norotin, and $50 in cash were all missing from the purse.

-10:48 a.m.: theft. Roger Wooddell, 61, 674 Fair Road, reported someone cut the locks off of a Pepsi and Coke machine and took the money inside at 684 Fair Road. Both machines were damaged during the theft.

-10:32 a.m.: criminal trespass. Eliza Cornett, 39, 230 Jefferson St., Apt 50, was arrested on a warrant. Randall Leonard, 26, 725 St. Mary’s Road, was arrested after he was intoxicated and passed out on someone else’s property. These arrests were made at 216 Jefferson St.

-7:46 a.m.: telephone harassment. Dale Agnew, 43, 23481 Fairmont Road, Waynesfield, Ohio, reported at 1660 Gleason St., one of his clients has been sending unwanted emails.

-1:09 a.m.: vandalism. David Cron, 46, 6630 E. OH 36, Fletcher, reported his vehicle was struck by a rock causing estimated damage of $500. He also reported damage at the entrance of the cemetery. Estimated damage of $500.


-10:35 p.m.: driving under the influence. Juan Marruffo, 40, 918 Park St., was arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence, having a blood alcohol level above .17 and driving under previous OVI suspension.

-8:44 p.m.: endangering children. Officers investigated a complaint at 310 Oak Avenue.

-4:01 p.m.: found property. A handicap placard was found at City Carryout belonging to Kathryn Ferguson, 59, 9 E. Monument St., Pleasant Hill, Ohio.

-3:23 p.m.: found property. A wallet was found in the parking lot of Burger King belonging to Cynthia Losey, 54, 511 Ward Ave., Bellevue, Kentucky. An attempt to locate the owner through the prescription/doctors office was unsuccessful.

-1 p.m: endangering children. Police were called to Wilson Memorial Hospital to investigate possible child endangering.

-12:23 p.m.: aggravated arson. Ann Wren, 81, 122 Oldham Ave., reported an aggravated arson.

-11:20 a.m.: arson. Jeanette Kennedy, 62, 123 Oldham Ave., reported someone tried to set her vehicle on fire.

-8:56 a.m.: theft. Robert Jackson III, 44, 606 S. Pine St., Wapakoneta, reported the theft of a handgun and three magazines from his vehicle at 424 E. Court St.,

-3:54 a.m.: vehicle trespass. Lois Thacker, 53, 121 Oldham Ave., reported someone entered her vehicle and ransacked it. Miscellaneous papers were found in and around the vehicle. Nothing was believed to be missing.

-3:44 a.m.: aggravated arson. Stephanie Blackford, 555 Gearhart Road, reported miscellaneous items had been burnt in a box. Douglas Richards, 48, 745 Grandview St., was listed as the victim and was where the offense took place.

-2:41 a.m.: failure to comply. Two unknown subjects fled on motorcycles after being given a visual signal to stop in the 1400 block of Foxdale Place.

-2:11 a.m.: domestic violence. Andrea Steenrod, 33, 1211 Maple Leaf Court reported she had a bloody lip and redness near her eye from domestic violence. Andrew Steenrod, 37, was arrested for domestic violence.


-11:25 p.m.: driving under the influence. Philip Wise, 45, 817 Spruce Ave., was arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence.

-7:33 p.m.: theft. Tosha Rench, 22, 777 Countryside Lane, reported the theft of a radio from her vehicle. Estimated value $200.

-6:56 p.m.: found property. Philip Howard, 31, 1601 Dover Ave., Piqua, reported he found a cell phone at 1529 Michigan St.

-4:55 p.m.: endangering children. Officers investigated a complaint at Wilson ER.

-4:19 p.m.: vehicle trespass. Steven Young, 29, 833 Fair Road, reported someone had entered his vehicle overnight and stolen a pack of cigarettes and loose change.

-2:55 p.m.: disorderly conduct. Scott Hammell, 21, 997 Buckeye Ave., was arrested for disorderly conduct at Wilson Memorial Hospital.

-2:34 p.m.: theft. Douglas Steinke, 42, 518 Franklin Ave., reported someone had stolen Walmart gift cards from his unlocked vehicle.

-2:05 p.m.: theft. Casey Braun, 28, 707 S. Ohio, reported the theft of Nintendo DS and money from her vehicle.

-12:50 p.m.: assault. Christian Waldroop, 21, 636 Linden Ave., reported an assault with apparent minor injuries.

-10:37 a.m.: burglary. Sheldon Parker, 61 845 Fair Road, reported earlier that morning someone had removed a lap top, draw string tote bag, and a cell phone charger from his vehicles and attempted to gain entry to back door of his residence.

-8:05 a.m.: assault. Leane Pohaku, 57, 330 Buckeye Ave., reported she was assaulted at 317 Folkerth Ave. She had apparent minor injuries.

-1:03 a.m.: open container. Corey Atkins, 36, 534 ½ Summit St., Troy, and Monty Wells, 46, 838 Fielding St., were arrested for open container in a motor vehicle.


-7:22 p.m.: identify theft. Jay Olivieri reported someone has been charging his credit card for Netflix access without his permission. Account was charged $161.82 for services.

-6:04 p.m.: theft. Walmart reported the theft of two diamond rings. Estimated value of $1,346.

-5:44 p.m.: criminal damaging. Pamela Denise, 64, 214 Doorley Road Apt. H, reported three juveniles had thrown eggs at her vehicle.

-4:36 p.m.: criminal damaging. Universal One Credit Union on Michigan Street reported damage to the front door of the business.

-12:46 p.m.: found property. A drivers license belonging to Mark Landon-Hass, 22, 531 Washington Ave., Lancaster, Ohio was found at 1515 N. Main Ave.

-7:26 a.m.: criminal mischief. Jeffry Reeder, 66, 212 Pomeroy Ave., reported suspects egged his house and threw ketchup on his car.


-11:22 p.m.: domestic violence. Latonya Oliver, 32, 989 Buckeye Ave., reported she was assaulted by her boyfriend during an argument.



Arerianna Freudenberg, 17, 112 Rekway Drive, Port Jefferson, was cited for right of way out a private drive after an accident on Friday at 7:31 a.m.

Freudenberg was traveling north bound in the private drive at 1529 Michigan St. She attempted to turn left traveling west onto Michigan Street when she struck another vehicle traveling east bound on Michigan Street in the left lane of travel.

The driver of the other vehicle was Theresa Stangel, 64, 16135 Hardin Wapak Road, Botkins.

Freudenberg, Stangel, and a passenger in Freudenberg’s vehicle were all taken by EMS to Wilson ER with non-incapacitating injures.

• Robert Carroll Jr., 44, 1346 Logan Court, was cited for assured clear distance after an accident on Friday at 1:13 p.m.

Carroll was traveling west bound on Court Street in the left lane of travel at the intersection of Fourth Avenue, when it struck a vehicle also traveling west bound on Court Street.

Carolyn Wycuff, 66, 783 Redford Ave., Columbus, was the driver of the other vehicle.


• Laci Overbey, 25, 728 Taft St., was cited for failing to obey a traffic control device after an accident on Saturday at 6:48 p.m.

Overbey was traveling west bound on East Court Street and traveled into the intersection with South Miami Avenue through a red traffic light.

The other vehicle was traveling south bound on South Miami Avenue and entered the intersection with East Court Street when they struck each other. Mike Lee, 40, 322 E. South St., was the driver of the other vehicle.

Fire, rescue


-11:28 a.m.: Crews responded to 2115 Michigan St. on a possible chemical odor.

-10:14 a.m. to 12:08 p.m.: Medics responded to three calls.

-7:20 a.m.: Crews responded to 125 N. Main on a general fire alarm. No problem was found False alarm.

-5:38 a.m.: Firefighters responded to the 700 block of South Kuther Road for a faulty duct detector.

-2:28 a.m.: Medics responded to a call.

-12:48 a.m.: Firefighters responded to 1630 Ferguson Court for a small fire in an oven. Fire was out on arrival. There was no loss.


-6:16 p.m. to 9:55 p.m.: Medics responded to three calls.

-5:43 p.m.: Crews responded to 117 Beech St. for a faulty smoke detector.

-9:35 a.m. to 4:47 p.m.: Medics responded to five calls.

-8:18 a.m.: The Sidney Fire Department recovered the boat that they had left in the water after a water rescue on Friday. The boat had suffered engine failure and they decided it was best to recover it when the river receded and was not as dangerous. According to the fire department, the recovery went smoothly and they do not know when repairs will be made to the boat.

-2:47 a.m.: Firefighters responded to 304 S. West Ave., for a trash fire.


-7:50 to 11:18 p.m.: Medics responded to three calls.

-6:21 p.m.: Firefighters responded to the 500 block of Fourth Avenue for an open burn. Fire was out upon arrival.

-4:58 to 5:53 p.m.: Medics responded to three calls.

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