Reier takes first flight inOaks Ladies League play


SIDNEY — The Shelby Oaks Ladies League met recently for their weekly golf outing, with the play of the day being “poker hand.”

Twenty-seven players took part in the event.

Pris Reier won the first flight with two pair, fours and sixes.

The second flight had three ladies tie for first with three sevens. They included Rita Brinkman, Connie Lewis and Joyce Jones.

Faye Spanger won third flight with two pair, sixes and sevens, and the fourth flight saw a three-way tie, with Joyce Goubeaux, Carol Schlater and Thelma Becker all finishing with three eights.

Following are the results:

First flight — 1. Pris Reier, two pair, 6s and 7s; 2. Ann Engle, pair of 8s; 3. Marcis Shaffer, pair of 7s; 4. Judy Bemus, pair of 6s.

Second flight — 1. (tie) Rita Brinkman, Connie Lewie, Joyce Jones, three 7s. 4. Lea Muhlenkamp, pair of 9s.

Third flight — 1. Faye Spangler, two pair, 6s and 7s; 2. (tie) Dors Naseman, Mary Lou Berning, pair of 8s; 4. Nancy Walter, pair of 7s.

Fourth flight — 1. (tie) Joyce Goubeaux, Carol Schlater, Thelma Becker, pair of 8s; 4. Pat Billing, pair of 4s.



MINSTER — The Arrowhead Ladies League met for play recently at Arrowhead in Minster, with the play of the day being “most one-putt greens.”

The winners were Cindy Newman in championship flight, Barb Woerhmyer in first flight, and Janet Barhorst in second flight.

The winners of the putt pott were Newman and Terrie Kerns.

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