A show of sympathy; desire for hope


To the Editor:

As members of the Shelby County Ministerial Association we want to add our voice to the many others who have expressed outrage towards the shooting of the pastor and members of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. We stand united that all of God’s people, red, brown, yellow, black or white are precious to God and we denounce the racism that so obviously continues to exist in our communities. Our hearts are heavy because of the repeated violence that assaults our society. We call upon leaders, churches, schools, law enforcement, and each individual to engage in healthy conversation that leads to cooperation and healing. We ask that we open our hearts to the love of God and reach out to one another in this moment of troubling reality. Something is terribly broken. We offer our promise that as church leaders we will continue to engage the world with the message that the hope for the world is hearts changed by the love of Jesus Christ.

We once again express our deep sorrow to the families and members of the Emmanuel AME Church.

Rev. David Chivington

President of the Shelby County Ministerial Association

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