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100 years

July 8, 1915

The crude oil fever has struck the vicinity of Versailles and many of the residents are getting excited over the prospect of a new oil field being opened up. The drillers have gone about 10 feet into Trenton rock in a well being drilled on the Harry B. Hole farm, adjacent to the village. It is reported there is a good flow of gas and the well already shows a quantity of oil. Several parties are traveling all over the vicinity of Versailles and are leasing ground for oil prospecting.


Contracts were approved for four new teachers in the Sidney Schools when members of the board of education held their regular monthly meeting last evening. They include: Bruce McDill, high school science teacher; Jane Frances Dowd, high school English; Katherine Anderson, botany and physical geography; Lucille Kraft Kelley, grammar grade teacher.

75 years

July 8, 1940

Over 100 Cub Scouts, their parents and friends assembled at the Roadside Park last evening for a combination picnic and recognition service. Den mothers arranging the affair were Mrs. Booth Hatfield, Mrs. Robert Roth, Mrs. J.W. Evans and Mrs. Boston Baker.


At the regular meeting of city council last evening, the city solicitor was authorized to prepare the necessary legislation to place before the voters at the November election a bond issue of approximately $20,000 for the improvement of alleys in the city.

50 years

July 8, 1965

What may be the start of a growing movement against the State Department of Education’s current “Big School” policy was launched at a meeting Thursday night of the county school board. Two representatives of the Jackson Center Civic Association appeared before the board to put their group on record as wanting to maintain the present community school in face of whatever consolidation program that may come up. The spokesmen were Fred Bunke, a Jackson Center industrialist, and Russell Helmlinger, associated with another industrial concern in the village and former member of the JC High School faculty.


Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, is an “open city and needs no ‘keys’ to enter,” according to a message from the city’s mayor, R.B. Urquhart, to Sidney Mayor Charles C. Williams. The message was an invitation to residents of Sidney, Ohio, to visit Sydney, Nova Scotia, and came in response to a letter from Mayor Williams to Mayor Urquhart, offering greetings from one Sidney to the other and a similar invitation. The letter was carried personally by Mr. and Mrs. James G. Johnson, Cisco Road, when they recently visited the Canadian city on some personal business. Mayor Williams in his letter enclosed an “All American City” patch.

25 years

July 8, 1990

It was another memorable country concert. Stretching over three days, more than 150,000 fans flocked to the concert in the hills for good times. The opening act was none other than Willie Nelson. He wowed the crowd with his well-known hit, “On the Road Again.” He admitted his favorite song is “Me and Paul.” The country and western star is just a humble man wanting to give the fans their money’s worth.


It was an important decision from the Third District Court of Appeals. The court heard and considered the appeal of Roy Lawrence. He was convicted of murdering Anita Miller two years ago. A three judge panel convicted Lawrence in a trial that commenced June 14, 1988.

These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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