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100 years

July 13, 1915

Rainfall last night totaled 1.20 inches and an additional rain this afternoon added .69 of an inch, bringing the total in the past 24 hours to almost two inches. This is a very unusual amount of rainfall for this time of the year.


A hay ride was enjoyed by a merry crowd of young people last evening. After riding about the city and several miles into the country, they returned to the home of Miss Irene Bustetter on S. Ohio Avenue. Enjoying the affair were: Misses Marcella and Katherine Kennedy, of Union City, Indiana, Hilda and Ruth Scrin of Berwick, Ladonna Hoban, Eileen Shea, Mildred Williams, Irene Bustetter, Mary Raterman; Messrs. Millard Hussey, Jerome Raterman, Edward Lauterbur, Leo Ovenden, William Shine, Henry Bush and Virgil Collins. Misses Helen Bustetter and Mary Lauterbur were the chaperones.

75 years

July 13, 1940

A rededication to the basic principles of Americanism, now threatened by European events, was the theme of the Second District American Legion convention held in Sidney yesterday and climaxed with a patriotic meeting in the afternoon, attended by more than 3,400 people. The speaking program on the east steps of the courthouse included addresses by William A. Trimpe, Sidney and R.C. Suran, FBI agent from Cincinnati.


William P. Collier, of this city and a representative of the Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co., was honored at a luncheon Saturday at the Hotel Gibson in Cincinnati. He was presented a 30 year pin in recognition of his service to the insurance company spanning that number of years.

50 years

July 13, 1965

A meeting with all new Holy Angels Band members’ parents has been scheduled for July 19 as the group prepared for its annual festival. Herbert Hoying, president, conducted the business and announced committees. These are being headed by general chairmen, Mr. and Mrs. John Aselage and Mr. and Mrs. Marcellus Hentrich.


Officials were hopeful today that a solution had been reached in protecting the southwest corner of the courthouse lawn from further dumping of litter. Chief of Police John Warner, it was reported, appeared at the scene shortly after midnight and instructed a group of youths to leave the scene. The party broke up.

25 years

July 13, 1990

The Hardin-Houston High School marching band is preparing for a big new school season. The band leaders have been chosen. They are Jennifer Plank and Amy Webb. The ladies will lead a band with 70 members. The band director is David Reister.


The young children of Port Jefferson know who is the most popular man in town. He is Thad Ball, the village post office postmaster. He knows it is unusual, but the post office is the local “hang out” for local kids. “He is just so friendly,” is the most commonly heard remark. Ball, the only post office employee, usually has plenty of time to talk to them. “I really enjoy them,” he commented.


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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