Council hears from concerned citizen


JACKSON CENTER– The Jackson Center Village Council met on July 13 and heard from a concerned citizen.

Ike Rarey was present to share his concerns about children crossing St. Rt. 274 when going to school. Mr. Rarey asked the council to remember that this is a problem with a child not crossing the street where they should.

Rarey asked council to please keep working to get more signage up to alert drivers of children crossing the State Route. Mayor Scott Klopfenstein reported that this is a very important topic and working with the state they don’t have as much flexibility as they would like.

Village Administrator Bruce Metz reported he met with ODOT last week and they will not extend the school zone until they get the Safe Route School Crossing Grant.

Metz then reported his thoughts of putting a painted cross walk there and some type of warning signage and possibly flashing lights that would be a regular crosswalk and would not say school crossing but would be a warning until they receive the Safe Route School Crossing Grant.

The current Zoning Enforcement Officer, Don Mann, will be retiring in September from the position. This is a position that is appointed by the Mayor. Don Mann was appointed as Zoning Enforcement Officer on October 7, 1974.

The Village advertised on Facebook, twitter and their web page looking for individuals interested in the position. They received one application from the residents of Jackson Center, from Edly Maxwell. The board approved the new appointment by Klopfenstein and said they are fortunate to have someone of his experience to serve.

The Safety Committee reported that Police Department National Night Out will be August 4 from 5-10 p.m. The Rescue and Fire Department will be out as well.

Council discussed the storm line on College Street and the installation of new electric service on North Fork. The power outage on Leo and Hamer Streets was because of a squirrel.

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