Sheriff offers CCW permits to military recruiters


To the editor:

We at the Sheriff’s Office would like to send our deepest condolences to those military members gunned down in Tennessee.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has taken a proactive approach in regard to these most recent events involving our military members being targeted by extremists. These incidents are disturbing and uncalled for on American soil.

Extremist groups have targeted law enforcement and military members in the past and it appears this may not stop anytime soon. We need to do whatever we can to ensure the safety of our military members; with this in mind, on Monday I reached out to our local recruiting stations and offered to issue emergency concealed carry permits for those that wish to have one.

By noon on Tuesday, my office issued eight CCW permits to various members of our local military recruiting offices and have scheduled more for later in the week. I will continue to support those members and their families and will do everything in my power to ensure their safety.

John Lenhart


Shelby County


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