Out of the past


100 years

July 29, 1915

A horse frightened and broke loose from a buggy while a funeral procession was coming down Fair Avenue yesterday afternoon. The driver was pulled out of the buggy, the shafts coming loose. He escaped injury but the incident created considerable excitement at the time.


A bill of exceptions in the Miami conservancy case has been filed with the county clerk of Montgomery County by Attorney P.R. Taylor of Sidney, representing objectors. The filing is the preliminary move in the submission of petitions in error in the court of appeals to reverse the order of the common pleas court judges in the establishment of the conservancy district. An official photograph of the flood of 1913 more than six feet long was filed with the bill of exceptions as one of the vital exhibits.

75 years

July 29, 1940

There were indications today that the NYA project at Crawford Island, Lake Loramie, would be discontinued in the near future. National Youth Administration officials said that lack of cooperation on the part of the state department of conservation was a major factor affecting the decision. A meeting to discuss the matter was scheduled for yesterday afternoon at the state office at Lake Loramie, but conservation officials failed to show up. Fort Loramie area residents have expressed keen disappointment on the lack of progress on the project to date.


The two-hundredths of an inch of rainfall which resulted from a brief thunderstorm yesterday resulted in some cooling but failed to bring any substantial break in the prolonged heat wave that has held the area in its grasp for a week. The temperature was back up to the 90 degree mark at noon today with little prospect for any real break.

50 years

July 29, 1965

The Shelby County fairgrounds will be bulging as never before with exhibits it appears. Secretary William F. Stewart counted up on entries this morning and found among other things that he needs 26 more stalls for ponies, another tent for sheep and more space for farm machinery, autos and trucks. There is a problem in housing of swine too.


Klaus Hoppe, 18, of Bakede, Germany, arrived recently to spend a year with the Walter Maurer family of Botkins. Hoppe, who hopes to qualify for the senior class at Botkins High School, will be welcomed by the family that includes Steve, who goes to college this fall; Cheryl, who will be a senior with Klaus, Martha, a sixth grader, Mary, a fifth grader, Ellen, 3 and Anna, six months. Klaus, who plays a trumpet, will join the musical Maurers in practice sessions – Cheryl who plays saxophone and piano, Steve a flute and Martha the trombone.

25 years

July 29, 1990

The Shelby County Fair was a great success. Fair Secretary Jerry Schaffner called it “One of the best ever.” Treasurer Jayne Knouff reported the attendance Friday was 3,100. The other days averaged between 1,560 and 2,240. Great weather and good events contributed to the overall success of the fair.


Diane Houck turned out to be the lucky person. She had purchased a ticket in the drawing to win a new truck. Diane won a brand new 1990 Ford Ranger truck. The drawing was held in conjunction with the recently completed Shelby County Fair. Red Elson of Elson Ford provided the vehicle. Other big winners were the Junior Fair winners. For example, Star Bank paid $1,700 for a gallon of milk.




Out of the past

These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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