It’s just a flag


To the editor:

Well, it seems like the issue about the Confederate flag has calmed down some. It seems like the whole issue has focused on a flag instead of the main subject, the young man. It’s a symbol. It seems like 90 percent of the nation is condemning this flag, which in turn, had no bearing in the shooting. Let me ask, if that young man was holding a U.S. flag, would we condemn it as we are the Confederate flag? Same principle applies. Many of you are saying, “No,” because you love your flag. There are many who love their Confederate flag as we do the U.S. (flag). Show some respect.

There’s a saying: guns don’t kill; it’s the person holding it. Flags don’t kill. Think about it. There is nothing wrong with the Confederate flag as long as the U.S. flag is above it on the flagpole. If one wants to chooses to fly a Confederate flag, be it pole or vehicle, it’s their right to do so. Every flag has a meaning. Respect it, like it or not.

At a local business, an employee was told not to fly the Confederate flag in their parking lot. It’s his right to fly that flag, any flag. I saw a few vehicles at other business locations with the Confederate flag on their vehicles. What’s this business’ problem? They don’t even fly the U.S. flag. Think about it.

John Elmer Flaute



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