Out of the past


100 years

Aug. 6, 1915

Those interested in swimming will have the opportunity to see Mr. Roberts of the Y.M.G.A. give an exhibition in the art of swimming and lifesaving at the creamery pond tomorrow afternoon at 3:30. He will show four different strokes and four fancy dives and other tricks in swimming.


As a result of the recent ruling of the attorney general, candidates for members of the board of education must be voted on at the election next week. Since nominating petitions were not filed, there will be three blank spaces for writing in the names on both the Republican and Democratic ballots. Among the Democrats being spoken of for the posts are Dr. H.F. Hussey, H.L. Loudenback, and Dan Toy. Among the Republicans, Dr. A.W. Reddish and Dr. B.M. Sharp have announced themselves as candidates. Others being spoken of are J.B. Swain, W.P. Collier and Rolla M. Barber.

75 years

Aug. 6, 1940

If you can’t get to the zoo…the zoo can come to you – one at a time. That is the case for Jake Young, who has friends who persist in sending him a collection of animals. This year, it is a young black bear cub that is claiming its share of curiosity at Jake’s service station on South Walnut Avenue. Last year, it was a tiny monkey, which was later sent back to its native setting.

50 years

Aug. 6, 1965

Craig Pottorf, Sidney’s representative in the All-American Soap Box Derby, won his opening heat in the annual event at Akron Saturday afternoon, but lost out in his second trip down the 975 foot derby course.


The “drive-in” mailboxes, located on both sides of North Street at the post office have “gone west.” Workmen today completed the task of anchoring the boxes to the concrete bases about 200 feet beyond the location in which they have been for several years. At their old location, the boxes were much nearer the Ohio Avenue intersection. Persons stopping at the one on the south side of North Street frequently held up vehicles wanting to make the right turn.

25 years

Aug. 6, 1990

Stolle Corp. officials expect to move into a new building on Campbell Road near Kuther Road about mid-August. This building will be administrative offices for the company and house computer equipment. The brick and glass building is nearly 30,000 square feet.


Nobody has to tell reporters for The Sidney Daily News where to go when they cover the Shelby County Commissioners meetings. Thanks to a simple banner draped over a chair in the back of the room, the reporters know exactly where they stand (and sit) with the three commissioners. The commissioners this week assigned a specific seat for members of the press covering their meetings. Under the new arrangement, the media will be seated facing the backs of persons conducting business with the commissioners, making it difficult to hear what is being said.



Out of the past

These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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