Motorcycle escort planned for traveling Wall


To the editor:

Wednesday, Sept. 2, at 6:30 p.m., the Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall will be leaving the Wapakoneta VFW following County Road 25A heading south to Sidney. The Wall will travel through Botkins, Anna and Sidney where it will proceed around the courtsquare and eventually arrive at Custenborder Field on Ohio 47.

The Wall will be escorted by motorcycles from throughout west-central Ohio. This Honor Escort is truly a spectacular sight that creates a sound known as “Rolling Thunder.” The escort is designed to provide a forum for the members of our community to come together to honor-respect-remember all those whom we have asked to stand in harm’s way. The names found on the Wall are the true American heroes and the ones that have given their all to protect and defend the freedoms we as Americans enjoy.

We invite everyone in the community to position yourselves along the parade route to show your patriotism with flags, banners, signs, or just your respectful enthusiasm. This procession is led by law enforcement and will travel the entire route nonstop. Please be aware there will be some traffic delays during the procession. We look forward to seeing you.

Mark Harrod

Chairman, Motorcycle Escort of Vietnam Traveling Wall



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