Team of Engle, Dickmanlead Shelby Oaks ladies


Staff report

The Shelby Oaks Ladies League met at the local course recently, and played “flights, two-person team, low puts.”

Ann Engle and Karen Dickman took top honors with a 32 to take first flight.

Second flight winners were Sandy Weaver and Jeanne Thompson with a 34, third flight winners were Doris Naseman and Roxy Shepherd with 35, and fourth flight winners were Judy Doll and Joyce Goubeaux with 37.

Following are the results

Play of the day — Flights, two-person team, low putts

First flight — 1. Ann Engle-Karen Dickman 32, 2. (tie) Pris Reier-silent partner, Ellen Joslin-Joyce Jones 33.

Second flight — 1. Sandy Weaver-Jeanne Thompson 34, 2. Marcia Shaffer-Nancy Walker 35, 3. Rita Brinkman-Lea Muhlenkamp 38.

Third flight — 1. Doris Naseman-Roxy Shepherd 35, 2. Faye Spangler-Trish Hoying 39, 3. Ginny Lauber-silent partner 41.

Fourth flight — 1. Judy Doll-Joyce Goubeaux 37, 2. (tie) Pat Billing-Linda DeVelvis, Thelma Becker-Carol Schlater 43.


Senior Swingers

The Senior Swingers retired men’s golf league at Shelby Oaks met again recently, with the game of the day being “closest to the pin, low putts.”

The results were as follows:

Low putts

South — Gary Paul, Rick Elsass.

North — Steve Schroeder, Jim Boyer.

Closest to the pin

South — Don Sherman.

West — John Roeth.


Arrowhead ladies

MINSTER — The Arrowhead Ladies League met Wednesday, with the player of the day being “score minus putts.”

Jackie Huwer won championship flight, Jane Kaylor first flight, and Dianne Sielschott second flight.


Play of the day — Score minus putts.

Championship flight — 1. Jackie Huwer, 2. Terrie Kerns.

First flight — 1. Jane Kaylor, 2. (tie) Sharon Mueller, Phyllis Baumer.

Second flight — 1. Diane Sielschott, 2. Janet Barhorst.

Putt pot — Vicki Schwartz, Terrie Kerns.

July 29 results

Play of the day — Throw out two worst holes.

Championship flight — 1. Terrie Kerns, 2. Amy Albers.

First flight — 1. Sharon Mueller, 2. Karen Schmitmeyer.

Second flight — 1. Dianne Sielschott, 2. Cathy Bernhold.

Putt pot — Cindy Newman, Phyllis Baumer, Lisa Griner.


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