Out of the past


100 years

Aug. 10, 1915

Stockholders of the Dayton and St. Marys Traction Co., being formed to construct an electric road from Covington to Fort Loramie, a distance of 16 miles, elected a board of seven directors at a meeting yesterday morning. Judge Dennis Dwyer of Dayton, a prime mover in the project, was elected president; J. Guy O’Donnel of Covington, vice president; J.B. Raterman, Fort Loramie, secretary.

75 years

Aug. 10, 1940

A mid-summer formal dancing party will be the pleasure of a group of young people of the city Friday evening at the Sidney Country Club, arranged as a special courtesy for the young ladies and men who will leave for different colleges in the fall. Miss Ann Meyerholtz and Sammy Love are co-chairmen of the dance committee. Hugo Corner’s orchestra will furnish the music for dancing.

50 years

Aug. 10, 1965

Sidney’s city council today reportedly was favorable to an increase of $1,000 a year in the $4,800 salary paid the municipal court judge, beginning with the new term of office next Jan., 1. Dr. Clay Barfield, council vice chairman and head of the finance committee, said today his group, also made up of Donovan Hill and George N. Raterman, had agreed on that recommendation for action by the entire council.


The Shelby Oaks Corp. elected Frank Meyers of Sidney to the board of directors at its meeting Tuesday night. Continuing on the board are: Harry Placke, Robert Helper, Clayton Kiracofe, Ward Bowman, Herb Schlater, Jim Lonsway, Lou Dondero, Gene Elsass, Jack Hewitt, and Ralph Stolle.

25 years

Aug. 10, 1990

PIQUA – The new administrative team at the Upper Valley Joint Vocational School now includes another familiar face as Dr. Larry Householder, who has been at the school for 14 years, has been named the new high school principal/director of instruction. Householder, 43, fills the position recently vacated by James Stickley when he was named as successor to Superintendent Richard Adams.


“I about died when I saw it, I thought it was a mistake,” and Thomas Barhorst, 21, of 725 N. Main St. But it was no mistake. And so Barhorst grudgingly paid $1.28 a gallon for gasoline at the Speedway Station on Michigan Street. As gas consumers woke up Tuesday morning, they found that the price for one gallon had shot up by as much as 17 cents overnight. Cindy Hale was also at the Michigan Street Speedway. She said she didn’t realize how much she was paying until it was too late. “I was already putting it in when I saw how much it cost. It’s just not worth it,” she said.



Out of the past

These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

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