Man allegedly hits man with car


PIQUA — A man allegedly struck another man with a truck during an argument over money and a ladder Friday. It reportedly took place on Friday, Aug. 7, at 801 N. Sunset Drive at 7:15 p.m. Sidney resident Scott A. Dershem, 49, was arrested for second-degree felonious assault in connection with this incident.

The victim reportedly owed Dershem $20. According to Piqua police reports, when the victim paid Dershem the money, an argument ensued. The victim admitted to smacking toward Dershem’s face through the window of the truck during that argument.

The argument escalated when Dershem allegedly took a box cutter type of knife and waved it at the victim. According to Piqua police reports, Dershem “tossed the knife aside” and “backed the truck up” before allegedly accelerating toward and striking the victim with the truck.

The victim did not appear to have any visible injuries, according to Piqua police reports. The victim did complain of pain to his left knee, for which he stated he would seek treatment.

The vehicle reportedly used during the incident was a black, 1994 Ford truck. An officer took photos of where the vehicle spun out on the driveway. The markings left behind showed that the vehicle moved forward after spinning the tires before turning left and running into the yard.

When questioned by police, Dershem stated that he and the victim had “got into it” over money and a ladder owed to Dershem. He claimed that he had “slid into the grass a little bit,” which upset the victim. Dershem then stated that the victim had “tried to hit him several times.” Dershem stated he had “spun the tires trying to back out of the driveway to get away from him,” according to Piqua police reports. Dershem continually denied trying to hit the victim with his vehicle.

Dershem is currently being held at the Miami County Jail on $50,000 bond. A preliminary hearing for Dershem is set for Aug. 19.


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