Botkins council discusses soccer, facilities


BOTKINS – The Botkins Village Council met on Tuesday to discuss the use of park facilities for soccer games.

The Botkins Soccer Club and the Grand Lake Area Soccer Association are trying to negotiate with the village on the use of park space to play. Many of the council members agreed that until they get out to the park and measure all the spaces out, they aren’t sure how to best accommodate the soccer clubs.

After looking at maps and discussing possible scenarios, the council decided the clubs can use any spaces in the park except the recently re-done softball diamond and the soon to be re-done varsity baseball diamond. Except during the spring baseball season, when none of the diamonds may be used.

The council determined that Botkins sports and the sport in-season takes precedent over anyone else using their facilities. They decided more discussion between all the entities was needed, and planned to meet in the next couple of weeks.

Some of the members of council took a trip over to Sycamore Street in Botkins to figure out what to do about parking on the street there, last week. It was originally brought up at the July 28 meeting that there was a severe issue with parking there, especially during basketball and volleyball games, and especially when it snows.

The way the parking on the street was set up, it was almost impossible for large vehicles to get through, like the city fire truck. The group thinks they figured out a way to fix parking there to best suit visitors for sporting events and vehicles in case of an emergency.

The will remove parking in sections of the street, alternating sides so that will be 16 feet of lane all the way down the street. Members of council agreed this will be the best way to control traffic on this street.

Village Administrator Ryan Piche announced that they are finished tearing out the tennis courts and will be figuring out what to do with that space.

He also announced he will be speaking to the Botkins Community Club meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 19, at 7 p.m. about energy aggregation and what it all means.

They are also in the process of planning public hearings to hear what the public has to say about the energy aggregation issues that will be on the November ballot. More information on those will be released as soon as they know.

By Alexandra Newman

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