Success starts at home


To the editor:

Last month, a short article was published on the editorial page of the Sidney Daily News, written by John Scheu. It was filled with ways that schools, specifically the Sidney City Schools, could provide “pathways to success” for current and future students. The article was clear, direct and listed a variety of positive pathways for educational opportunities.

While I appreciate the information shared, I strongly disagree with the article’s title, which may or may not have been written by Mr. Scheu. The article was titled, “Pathways to success start at school.”

In my opinion, “pathways to success” start at home! A child’s first teacher is his/her parent. Parents are the ones who should be teaching basic character and moral traits, as well as helping with academics, so that a child is ready to learn when he/she enters the school doors. Good and intentional parenting is the best way to increase a child’s opportunity for success in school and in life. As a parent of six grown children, I am thankful for those schools, educators and mentors who assisted my husband and me in teaching our children and pointing them toward success, but the pathway should begin at home.

As a society, I am afraid we are forgetting that.

Darla Cabe



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