Volunteers sought for ice cream social


QUINCY — Plans are underway for an ice cream social on Sept. 12 in the village of Quincy.

Carla Dappert was present at the recent Quincy Village Council meeting to discuss plans for the ice cream social. Anyone interested in helping with the planning, making a donation to the gathering or willing to help the day of the event should contact Dappert at 937-407-7775.

A pet parade, bike parade, free cake and ice cream and other events that may be planned with the help of volunteers. The theme of the event will be Hot Summer Nights. Everyone is welcome and the Council said it’s a time to get to know your neighbors and visiting with family and friends.

A brief discussion was held concerning a smell that is being generated in the village. An investigation into the problem and what can be done to lesson the smell will be looked at.

Council then presented the third and final reading of an ordinance to increase the salary of the position of the mayor for the village in order to bring the salary in line with other mayor’s in Logan County. This increase will bring the salary to the lower end of the salary average in Logan County. With the passage of the third and final reading of the ordinance, starting Jan. 1, 2016, the position of mayor in the village will be increased from $150 per month or $1,800 per year to $300 per month or $3,600 per year.

Sludge application from the Joint Sewer Plant began the week of Aug. 17, 2015. The application of this sludge will be at a field outside of the village of Quincy between Quincy and DeGraff. The entire plant will have the sludge land applied with approval of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and service of Burch Hydro.

Bug-A-Boo will be making an additional spray for insects on Aug. 19, 2015, to cover for a missed spray at the beginning of the agreement due to weather. This will be the final spray for the insects. Council will be reviewing the spraying in order to determine if it was a success, no difference or failure to help control mosquitoes in the village.

A resolution was passed allowing the village to apply for funding to replace a water line on Jefferson Street. This does not

guarantee the receipt of funds but allows the funding to be considered. This line has broken several times due to age and condition of the water line.

Due to recent changes in the Ohio Revised Code a new ordinance is needed to allow for the future collection of income tax in the village. The village council has until Dece. 31, 2015, to revise the current operating ordinance with Regional Income Tax Agency to incorporate the new rules and allow the collection and distribution of the village’s 1 percent income tax. Solicitor Steve Fansler will be listening to a webinar that discusses the changes and reviewing the current ordinance to revise the ordinance.

A resolution was passed to bring a past ordinance up to date allowing the placement of delinquent utility accounts as a lien on the real estate tax in Logan County. At present all accounts with a balance of $200 or higher is subject to shut off at any time. Accounts that go beyond this amount will be subject to shut off and the balance placed on the real estate tax duplicate as a lien against the property. The ordinance will include stipulations regarding reinstating service to a property with a lien against it and increase of deposits due to the current amount not covering the delinquent accounts.

A brief discussion was held regarding issues with a tree owned by the village that may be causing problems with a water line on private property. Council discussed the issue. All water lines that run from the curb hook up to a home are the responsibility of the home owner.

Tree roots can not be stopped even if a tree is removed as they continue to try and regrow. The property owner did not want the tree removed. At this time no further action could be taken.

Brought up for discussion again was the possible reduction of the speed limit on Ohio 235 within the corporation limits of the village. Council discussed the issue and reviewed an earlier decision by the State of Ohio Department of Transportation that the speed can only be reduced with certain conditions being met. A suggestion of a petition to the state of Ohio was discussed with no action taken by the Council at this time.

Kirk Helmandollar reported to council that he has closed the gates to the recycle area due to recent activity of building materials being dumped illegally. The recycle area was only for use of storm damage of trees in the village and due to abuse of these rules there will no longer be access to this area. It will be the responsibility of the property owner to dispose of their own shrub, trees, and weeds in the village.

The final item discussed was the recovery of an overpayment of income tax credited to the village by Express Script and the deposit going to Quincy Missouri. The village discovered this issue and is now reviewing the proper steps to repay this deposit, prevent any future issues with this type of problem, and determine how it happened in order to prevent future problems. The solicitor will be making contact with RITA to determine how the Village should respond to the issue.

Staff report

Source: Unapproved council minutes provided by Sandra S. Ward, fiscal officer for the village of Quincy.

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