Rotarians learn of juvenile court


SIDNEY — McKenzie Lotz and Amy Simindinger, of the Shelby County Juvenile Court, addressed the Sidney Rotary Club during a recent meeting.

They provided an overview of the levels of supervision that are in place and different programs the Juvenile Court provides.

Lotz said there are three levels of supervision, determined by the seriousness of an offense. The first level is diversion and is for what are called unruly offenses. The second level is court-ordered compliance, which is for misdemeanor offenses or for multiple unruly offenses. The third and highest level is probation. This level, as described by Lotz, “is for a high-level offense or multiple times through Juvenile Court.”

Simindinger then described programs that are offered: a gardening program, which provides fresh vegetables to a local pantry; preventative programs between the Juvenile Court and Shelby County Schools and the Shelby County United Way; counseling services, case management, and the IMPACT Program, which, she said, has been a very valuable resource. She also described their resource room, which is a workstation that provides Internet access for students to do homework and online schooling. “Tutors can be matched with kids that need assistance,” Simindinger said.

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