Psychiatric Help 5 cents


The Doctor is in.

When you get to the last 60 days of the growing season for corn and soybean farmers, I often think of the old Peanuts cartoon — with Good Ol’ Charlie Brown sitting outside the make-shift Psychiatric stand talking to Lucy about his problems.

We can pitch that stand just about anywhere — the barber shop, the grocery store — outside church.

What to do — what to do.

What can you do?

The gut wrenching torture that is grain farming this time of of the year is “hopeless, Charlie Brown.”

Not sure how far a nickel’s worth of advice will get you these days – but here goes.

As my Italian friends would say, “Forget about it.” Of course, depending upon which one of the three words you are emphasizing could mean anything from literally “forget about it” to “pack your bags and leave town”.

But in this scenario the emphasis is on the “it,” which in our case is the weather. How many times do we have to go down that road. Good Grief!

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is very little we can do short of covering it all in one big giant green house — which, well, actually if you listen to the wacko scientists out there we should already be in a “green-house” effectively — then we really should NOT be worrying. Right?

Here’s what we can help you with.

According to Jim Noel, from the Ohio State University Extension office, all data suggests above normal temperatures will persist into autumn. However, it should be noted that the above normal temperatures will be driven more from the night time lows than daytime maximum temperatures.

This means we do not expect many days above about 90 for the maximum temperatures. So that is some good news.

The outlook for the rest of August calls for temperatures 1-5F above normal and rainfall below normal northwest half and normal or slightly above southeast half. The outlook for September calls for continued above normal temperatures and rainfall at or below normal.

So, that’s what we know — or think we know….LOL

What I know for sure is that I think if they told me my Health Savings Account was increasing again to pay for an addition to Obama Care that would offer free Psychiatric Advice for farmers — I would actually be alright with that.

Hope you got your monies worth. Please send all money to your favorite charity if you feel you’ve been saved.

Here’s seeing you In Ohio Country!

By Dan Wilson

Contributing columnist

The writer is an award-winning veteran broadcaster for more than 30 years.

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